This site has been retired
Monday 18 February 2013

All good things must come to an end... Now that Census 2 is out, this site is being retired. Census 1.x will no longer be developed, but all the old versions will still be available for download.

Second beta
Friday 18 February 2011

The second beta version of Census 1.2 is out, fixing a raft of small issues and a couple of bigger ones. If you've had some trouble with importing runs with PsN tagging, this update will fix your problem. Note that multiple estimation methods in a single problem are not yet supported, and some users have reported issues with importing runs using some of the new estimation methods (e.g. SAEM, IT2B). Full support for all the new methods, while not fully implemented in this beta, will be finalized before the production version of 1.2 is released. Get version 1.2b2 here. Again, this is a beta release, so the appropriate degree of caution is recommended when interpreting output. Please let me know about any bugs, and suggestions are, as always, welcome.

No more waiting
Thursday 17 February 2011

The long, long wait is over. Census 1.2 beta 1, at last, adds support for NONMEM 7. Download it from here! Although it's been reasonably tested and is stable, this is a beta release, so the appropriate degree of caution is recommended when interpreting output. Please let me know about any bugs, and suggestions are, as always, welcome.

...Except, not.
Thursday 20 January 2011

Census 1.1.1 fixes an issue some users were having with R versions 2.11 and 2.12. Get it here. NONMEM 7 support is almost complete, but is not activated in this release - you'll notice some new tabs in the run file pane, although they don't do anything yet!

One last release before NONMEM 7...
Tuesday 4 January 2011

Census 1.1 is out, and can be downloaded from here. Lots of bug fixes, but no NONMEM 7 support yet. This, however, will change with the next release!

A new release!
Thursday 17 July 2010

Census 1.1 Release Candidate is now available for download. An incremental update, it fixes an issue with $OMEGA block parsing of initial estimates, provides support for the current version of Xpose, and provides a fix for variance-covariance matrix exports to R. Oh, and there's that shiny new logo that's been promised for so long.

No NONMEM 7 support yet, but keep watching this space.

NONMEM 7 support
Tuesday 9 February 2010

A quick update on NONMEM 7... While support for NM7 is planned, it's not yet implemented: as always, it's a question of time. Lately, this equates to how much sleep I am prepared to go without. In the meantime, development continues, although not as rapidly as I would like. Watch this space.

A new logo!
Wednesday 22 July 2009

A new chicken flies

To all things there is a season, and it has come time, at last, to change the Census logo. It is with a touch of regret that I must announce that the much-beloved chicken icon will soon be retired - but only to make way for a whole new breed of chicken!

The inspiration for Census' new look came from the software demonstration at PAGE 2009 in St Petersburg, where Carlos Hoyo very generously provided Census with a new, uniquely Mexican terracotta mascot. Kudos to Carlos, as well as to Gregory Pinault, for lending his considerable photographic skills to the Census project! Thanks, guys. Look for the new plumage with the release of v1.1... when it's ready.

PAGE 2009
Monday 6 July 2009

Census was exhibited on June 23-26 at PAGE 2009 in St Petersburg, Russia. Thanks to everyone who dropped by! The final version of Census 1.1 didn't make it out ahead of the conference, but the numerous suggestions and bug reports are very much appreciated. A PDF of the poster is available here.

Census 1.1 beta released!
Monday 18 May 2009

Census 1.1 has now been released for beta testing, and is available here!

New features include file-based Xpose graphics, restored compatibility with newer versions of R, and a range of bugfixes. If no issues are reported over the next few weeks, it is anticipated that the final 1.1 release will go out just ahead of PAGE 2009 in St Petersburg. In the meantime, note that this is a beta version, and although stable, it has not been as extensively tested as a full release and bugs may still exist here and there. Please let me know if you find any...

Ongoing issues with R-COM and R 2.8.x
Tuesday 17 February 2009

Recent versions of R - versions 2.8.0 and above, to be precise - no longer provide the library rproxy.dll, which is required by the R-COM package that links Census and Xpose. Those of you who have upgraded to R 2.8.x recently will have discovered that Xpose plots no longer work.A description of the issue is available here.

Although the R-COM developers appear to have been working on the issue, no working resolution appears to be in sight - so in the interests of keeping Census stable, and given previous problems it created with Excel, I have decided to dispense with it entirely.

Census will interact directly with R from version 1.1 onwards, and Xpose functionality will now be file-based - plots will be generated as image files and displayed by an appropriate viewer (PDF will be the default, but anything that R supports is supported by Census). There are some benefits to this - primarily, all plots will be retained, as files, by default, and it will become much easier to re-use them elsewhere. 

I anticipate that version 1.1 will be released in the next few weeks, time allowing - it has already entered beta testing.

Census hits 1.0!
Thursday 13 November 2008

After an extended period of testing, Census hits the magic 1.0! Almost all bugs ought to be eradicated, NONMEM VI 2.0 is supported, and export for variance-covariance matrices as full-block CSV files has been added to celebrate. Available here, as usual.

Release Candidate 1
Friday 30 May 2008

Census has reached its first release candidate. This version ought to be largely bug-free, and no new features will be added before the release of 1.0. Amongst the fixes are a better R (D)COM installer (no more Excel plugin problems), a range of small parsing improvements, and better tree handling in the main run window. Available here.

Monday 21 January 2008

With any luck, this will the last bugfix release in this cycle. Census 1.0b2c fixes a glitch that produced an error when attempting to delete or replace runs, and adds a "Check for Updates" facility. Get it here.

Installer updated
Friday 18 January 2008

The Census 1.0b2 installer has been updated to add the fixed R(D)COM setup package. The version of Census in this package is the same as the one released Monday 14 January, so if you already have this, no need to download it again.

Some more information about R(D)COM and Excel
Friday 18 January 2008

After a spate of reports regarding ongoing problems with the R(D)COM Server breaking Excel ("Compile error: Can't find object or library", see posting on 17 August 2007 for details), it transpires that version 2.50 is problematic. I will update the installer with a fixed version in the next few days. A discussion of the issue and a fixed R(D)COM installer can be found on the developer wiki, and the updated Census installer is here, as usual. If you have already solved the problem by disabling the plugin in Excel, you do not need to download and install Census 1.0b2b again.

Note that if you have Excel 2007, R(D)COM will complain during the install process, but will do no damage. Oddly, this seems independent of whether you actually decide to install RExcel or not. My apologies for the ongoing annoyance, with any luck this will solve the issue once and for all.

Note also that the minimum version of R for full Xpose integration is now 2.5.0, so if you have an older version, please consider upgrading.

Another update
Monday 14 January 2008

Version 1.0b2b has now been released, a small update to correct a compatibility issue with R versions older than 2.6.1 (automatic generation of plots for run reports was failing owing to a change in R's jpeg device). All fixed now. Please keep sending the bug reports, no bug is too small at this stage in the game...

...well, almost
Friday 11 January 2008

Census 1.0b2 contained a few small and unanticipated glitches. Some of the file viewing panes had been distorted somehow, obscuring scrollbars and some controls, the R(D)COM installer still managed to kill someone's Excel, and yesterday's release missed one particularly nasty bug in the tree-building code which made entire databases unreadable if a run with branches was deleted. All fixed in version 1.0b2a. And that is the last time I will ever use the phrase "heavily tested" in connection with software.

One last beta before the final release...
Friday 11 January 2008

Census 1.0b2 is out as of yesterday afternoon. This is anticipated to be the last beta release before 1.0 comes out, and is unlikely to see any new features before then. That said, quite a large number of things have been fixed, including the Excel bug mentioned below, all known run import glitches, including faulty ETA initial estimates, broken condition numbers, CSV export, HTML reports, and many more - for more details, read the release notes. It has been heavily tested, but bugs are never far - please see if you can break it! If there are no show-stoppers, the final version will follow soon. Get it here.

A note on possible problems with Microsoft Excel
Friday 17 August 2007

Some problems have appeared with the version of R(D)COM (2.50) included in the current release of Census. The RExcel plugin it installs into Microsoft Excel fails with an error ("Compile error: Can't find object or library") under certain circumstances, most often when trying to open a spreadsheet file by double-clicking it. To correct this, start Excel from its shortcut in the Start menu, choose Tools -> Add-ins from the menu bar, and deselect RExcel. If this doesn't work for you, or you are experiencing other issues, please contact me.

I am looking into ways to prevent this happening in future releases.

A new release...
Tuesday 24 July 2007

After a bit of a dormant period, Census 1.0b1 release 2 has been made available for download. This release fixes some annoying false warnings generated by the production version of NONMEM VI, fixes a number of small bugs, and updates Xpose 4.0 support to cover almost all of the standard graphics functions. Get it from the usual place!

Change in contact information
Sunday 17 December 2006

I have recently relocated to Switzerland, and my contact details have changed. Fallout from this is that updates will be less frequent from now on, since I am no longer a carefree academic: I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that this is an open source project, and if any of you want to help with development, please get in touch!

Alive and kicking
Wednesday 4 October 2006

The first beta version of Census, 1.0b1, featuring shiny new Xpose integration, is now available for download. This is, of course, a beta release, so some things may not work as expected... but on the other hand, all previous releases have been pre-betas, so this is a step up. Please report any bugs you find.

The first bug of 2006
Friday 20 January 2006

Census 0.998r5, it turns out, didn't start on anyone's computer except mine, owing to a faulty component. Census 0.998r5a has been released to fix this nasty little problem. I strongly recommend immediate upgrade if you downloaded yesterday's version, which has been removed.

The first release of 2006
Thursday 19 January 2006

Census 0.998r5 has been released, the first one out of the gate for 2006. Some more PRIOR functionality has been added, and some small odds and ends have been tweaked. The goods, both binary and Delphi source code, may be downloaded via the usual method.

Oh, and since Xpose 4.0PR1 has been released, the next release of Census, 0.999r1, will adopt it as its new default graphic engine. 0.998r5 will accordingly be checking for the presence of R, R-(D)COM and Xpose from now on and warning you if aspects are missing.

Tuesday 22 November 2005

Census has officially moved to SourceForge! The complete Delphi source code is now available from the download page, along with brand-new but fundamentally-unchanged 0.998r4. Please update your links once again.

Gremlins exterminated - 0.998 r3a
Saturday 15 October 2005

Yesterday's release of 0.998 r3 failed to include the R(D)COM interface, which caused a crash on startup if not installed. You can collect a corrected copy from the download page, as usual!

0.998 r3 and assorted news
Friday 14 October 2005

Census 0.998 r3 is out now. It's a bug-fix release:

Initial trials with prerelease versions of Xpose 4 have been 100% successful. When it is released, Census will adopt it as the default for displaying graphs, in line with my view that all our tools ought to work together.

Census, now that it is licensed under the MPL v1.1, will soon move to SourceForge! An announcement will be made when this happens.

Still coming soon: online documentation.

0.998 r2 - get it while it's hot
Wednesday 21 September 2005

I have just finished uploading Census 0.998 r2. New in this version: crashes in which more than 10 ETAs were involved, as well as crashes in NONMEM output from crashed runs, have been well and truly fixed. The Options dialog has been retooled completely. Problems finding model files when importing runs have been corrected. The Notes field is now much more prominent. There is now a field for PRDERR, which will automatically pop up if the file is detected during import. Preliminary reporting capability has been added, as has detection for R. You can collect a copy from the download page, as usual!

Coming soon: online documentation.

0.998b r1 out
Thursday 18 August 2005

Census 0.998b release 1 has been uploaded. It has been updated to fix a couple of bugs, chief among them problems reading parameter labels from control streams under certain conditions, and crashes when more than 20 ETABAR values are present in run output. Fetch it from the download page. Release 2 is imminent, and will include preliminary reporting capability.

Better late than never: the list
Thursday 18 August 2005

There is now an email list available for discussion of all matters relating to Census. Sign up here. Volume, right now is very low indeed. I'm counting on you to change that! Give me your ideas, suggestions, complaints, bug reports, and so forth.

0.997b released
Thursday 28 July 2005

Census 0.997b is out. New in this release: the name. The biggest new feature is the inclusion of warnings for common model problems - it's still quite simple, but will be refined in later releases. Also, some small bugs have been fixed here and there. Get it from the download page.

A new name
Thursday 28 July 2005

To avoid confusing the program formerly known as NONMEMory with NONMEM, which is a registered trademark of the University of California and is licensed exclusively to GloboMax LLC, a new name has been chosen for the software. Henceforth, it will be known as Census. Same functionality, new label!

0.996b released
Friday 22 July 2005

NONMEMory 0.996b is released today. Amongst other things, several bugs that were causing problems in the Plots module have been fixed. Also, several other features have been introduced: the ability to display Y axes on the logarithmic scale for individual plots, a start on support for occasion variables, a start on PsN support and a good deal more. Get it from the download page.

An email discussion list will hopefully be set up within the next 72 hours. Watch this space.

Monday 18 July 2005

NONMEMory now has a home of its own, courtesy of Uppsala University! This will be the place to look for all news, announcements, new versions and documentation in future.


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