A Brief History...


Census grew out of a need I had - back when I was doing my Ph.D, and having to learn NONMEM in the wilds of Cape Town, South Africa, that hub of pharmaceutical activity - for a way to summarize the mountains of NONMEM run data I was accumulating, and a way to look more closely at data and predictions at the individual level. Xpose, back in the day, was a massively useful tool, but its way of handling individual plots had its limitations, especially on a 14" monitor. (I should mention that these minor issues have been convincingly fixed since the release of Xpose 4.0 for R, which really is good despite my obvious bias...)

So after a few months of painfully transcribing objective functions and untold numbers of model parameter estimates into a notebook, and a wince-inducing number of migraines picked up from squinting at tiny bits of electronic spaghetti, I decided that it might be worth my while to actually use what I will generously call my programming skills for something useful.

More than seven nine years later, here we are...